• DUCATI Energia S.p.A.
  • DUCATI Komponenti d.o.o.
  • DUCATI Energia Romania s.a.
  • DUCATI Energia India Pvt. Ltd.
  • C.R.D. Centro Ricerche Ducati Trento S.r.l. 
  • DUCATI Energia Sud America s.a.
  • DUCATI Energia Do Brasil
  • TELEFIN S.p.A.
  • NURAIA S.r.l.
DUCATI Energia S.p.A. (Italy - Bologna).
DUCATI energia Romania (Romania - Busteni) was estabilished in 2002 for the manufacture of capacitors and PFC equipments.
DUCATI Komponenti (Croatia - Ludbreg) was established in 2002 for the manufacture of motorcycle components.
DUCATI Energia India (India - Pune) was funded in 2006 thanks to the joint-venture with a local partner. It manufactures generators and relevant electronic components.
C.R.D. Centro Ricerche Ducati Trento (Italy - Rovereto) was funded in 2006 thanks to a cooperation between the Universities in Bologna, the Universities in  Trento and Trento Province. It consists of a significant group of engineers dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for reduction of pollution and drive systems. 
DUCATI Energia Sud America (Argentina - Buenos Aires)  was established in 2008 for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of capacitors, energy analysers and accessories.
DUCATI Energia do Brasil (Brazil - Sao Paulo) established in 2014 for the production, marketing and distribution of motor capacitors and power factor correction, energy analyzers and accessories related to these.
TELEFIN S.p.A. (Italy-Verona) was acquired by Ducati Group in 2016. It designs and manufactures equipments and railway telecommunication solutions.
NURAIA S.r.l. (Italy-Verona) manufactures systems for the access control, parkings management and ticketing machines.