Energy Gear

Energy Gear

Datalogger web gateway for energy monitoring. with data reading from energy meters, pulse counters and different sensors , data logging on internal memory , data transmission to web cloud  or to local server or PC. Communication via intranet, internet or 3G cellular line.
It’s intended for the energy management of industrial plants, office branches, companies with wide geographical distribution, unattended facilities of production plants or services, Energy Service Company

It can read and log data from :

·         Power meters and power factor controllers DUCATI energia, any models with RS485 Modbus RTU port or Ethernet ModbusTCP..;

·         Temperature and humidity modules. Indoor and outdoor models

·         Pulse reading modules from any type of counter such as water meters, gas, steam, compressed air, refrigerant fluids, units of production lines

·         Solar radiation.

Generic Modbus slave devices not manufactured by Ducati with RS485 Modbus RTU or Ethernet ModbusTCP ( max 12 programmable registers)